Caring for Your Dentures

Daily cleaning of your dentures is necessary to prevent plaque and tarter build up, food stains, bad breath odours, mouth infections and redness or irritation to your gums.

Basic cleaning of your dentures includes:

- Removing your dentures after meals. Rinsing with water and brushing helps to remove plaque and some food stains.

- Cleaning twice daily with a denture brush, warm water and soap (liquid hand soap).  

Denture cleaning is often recommended based on your individual needs.  If the basic cleaning is not enough to keep your dentures clean, visit the Temiskaming Denture Center for recommendations specialized to your needs.

DO NOT use toothpaste on your dentures and try to stay away from chemical soaks.  These products can be very abrasive and will scratch your dentures, making it easier for build up to collect and adhere to the scratched denture surface.