About Us

Temiskaming Denture Center is dedicated to making a difference in his patients’ lives by providing exemplary dental care. He knows that it takes more than just good technique to be a great dentist it takes commitment, understanding, and most importantly, a genuine interest in patient health and safety.

Temiskaming Denture Center graduated in [YEAR] from [Name of Dental School], in New Liskeard. That same year, he opened his practice in New Liskeard. His practice has been focused on aesthetic dentistry and the art of smile-making since its inception. Temiskaming Denture Center has extensive training in cosmetics, restorative, and family dentistry. Before studying dentistry, [Dentist’s Name], completed a degree in Temiskaming Denture Center.

A member of numerous professional organizations, including [List associations and affiliated Study Clubs, etc.], Temiskaming Denture Center has kept his clinical skills current through an ongoing commitment to continuing education courses.

When not designing youthful, healthy smiles for his patients, Temiskaming Denture Center enjoys time with his wife and family, and [list hobbies].